From The Tenth Amendment Center:

Editors Note: The follow is by Oklahoma state Representative Jason Murphy and was originally published on his blog. It is reprinted here with permission.

Last week I wrote of the shared feeling of helplessness which many feel regarding their inability to have their voice heard in the large, ever-more intrusive federal government.

There is certainly a role which can be played by state lawmakers to at the very least slow the expansion of the federal government and its programs.

I wrote about one such example back in 2013.

I that article I described my dislike for the crisis policy making which occurs when politicians attempt to avert a purported crisis by approving a far-reaching new law or new big government program.

It takes a courageous policy maker to refuse to go along with crisis policy making and the method by which federal expansion takes place: in a “crises.”

Many politicians fear taking blame for the armageddon-like crisis which purportedly waits ominously just around the corner if the state doesn’t act according to federal wishes.

Good policy is not created quickly or in a crisis. It is horrifying to realize that a new big government program that will last for many years was developed by policy makers in just a few days, under the gun of federal pressure and possibly with just a few days left in the legislative session.

Unfortunately I have become accustomed to seeing legislative leadership become suckered into signing off on costly federal expansion, some which which…

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