From Graver:

Becca Campbell, 26, was fatally wounded an alleged-accidental discharge from a recently purchased firearm. The accident occurred late in the night of Friday November 21st, while Campbell was waiving the firearm around claiming that her and her boyfriend were ‘ready for Ferguson.’ Police have ruled this as an accidental death for now, but are continuing to investigate.

As reported by CNN, Campbell and her boyfriend were driving around in St. Louis late that Friday evening when the accident occurred. According to Campbell’s boyfriend, who remains nameless at this point, Becca was waiving a recently purchased firearm around in the vehicle when he ducked to get out of the way of the firearm’s direction.

The movement taken by Campbell’s boyfriend to move from the gun’s direction caused him to lose focus on the road leading to him rear-ending the car in front of him.

During the traffic accident, Campbell’s boyfriend describes hearing a gunshot and then realizing the firearm had discharged, causing Becca to be struck in the head with a bullet.

After emergency responders arrived on the scene, Campell was rushed to the hospital late Friday evening, but died upon arrival.

Police have stressed that this is still an ongoing investigation, and that they will be continue to piece together evidence to be certain that Campbell’s boyfriend’s story was, in fact, an accurate account of the events that lead to Becca’s death.