From Open Secrets:

Marco Rubio may have promised “like 10,000 times” that he would be a private citizen in January 2017, but he apparently didn’t say it enough to make it stick — the Florida senator announced his intent to run for re-election Wednesday morning.

Rubio suspended his presidential campaign in March, though his candidate committee lives on with $24,000 in cash and nearly $1.9 million in debt as of the end of May, according to its latest Federal Election Commission filing. Those numbers won’t have much bearing on his Senate campaign, though, which will have a wholly separate committee.

But pro-Rubio super PACs that still have funds left will be able to divert it to his Senate race, if they so choose. Since super PACs cannot coordinate any of their activity with candidates, they can use their funds to support multiple candidates in multiple races, regardless of where donors may have thought their money was going when they chose to contribute. The largest pro-Rubio super PAC, Conservative Solutions PAC, still has more than $1.7 million available of the $60 million it raised during Rubio’s White House run.

Though the money raised for Rubio’s presidential campaign will have little direct impact on his Senate race, it may provide some clues as to where he’s likely to draw cash in the months to come. Over the course of his presidential run, Rubio reported raising more than $113 million, with $52 million of that going straight to his candidate committee and the rest going to outside…

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