From Reason:

More importantly: Was there a cover-up effort and should others face charges?

Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke is back in court today to find out whether he’ll be offered any sort of bail after being charged with murder in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald, 17.

As we noted just before the holidays, the City of Chicago finally released (after being order to by a judge) dashcam video showing Van Dyke seemingly emptying his gun into McDonald. Though McDonald was holding a knife and turned out to have PCP in his system, the video showed that he was not behaving aggressively toward the police and was trying to move away from them when Van Dyke opened fire.

More information about the case has been released over the holiday weekend:

State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said she had decided “weeks ago” she was going to charge Van Dyke but wanted to wait until federal authorities had completed their part of the investigation. And apparently she still wasn’t ready (the shooting took place in October 2014) but decided to “move up” the announcement because of the judge ordering the release of the video. The manager of the Burger King adjacent to the location where McDonald was killed has accused police of deleting 86 minutes of surveillance footage from around the time of the shooting. Allegedly the FBI now has possession of the equipment and the surveillance, so he can’t prove to the media that…

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