From ArsTechnica:

Arnnon Geshuri, appointed to the Wikimedia Foundation board in January 2016.Myleen Hollero / Wikimedia Foundation

The newest board member of the Wikimedia Foundation, Arnnon Geshuri, is under fire from hundreds of disgruntled editors who think he should be shown the door. They’re upset at his role in a “no poach” hiring arrangement between Google, Apple, and other major tech companies while he was an HR director at Google.

Today, Geshuri addressed the community that’s up in arms against him. In a message posted to the Wikimedia-l mailing list, Geshuri began by saying it was “truly inspirational” to witness the “commitment and energy of the community.” His note reads, in part:

Although I would have preferred the tone surrounding my appointment to be more positive and supportive, I deeply understand and respect the criticality of free expression, rallying around convictions, and open disagreement.

Regarding the concerns that have been raised, I have listened closely. That said, in my opinion, there are some misconceptions and there are mitigating considerations. As a general matter, I will say that, throughout my career, I have been charged with enforcing company policies as part of my role as a people manager. I have tried to do so thoughtfully and consistently. I have done so realizing company policies and practices evolve…

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