From EAG News:

MADISON, Wis. – Supporters of a bill in the Wisconsin legislature that would force schools to maintain single-sex restrooms and locker rooms are basing their position on undisputable reality:

Males have male body parts and females have female body parts. A boy may feel like a girl and wish to be a girl, but in fact he is not. The same is true for girls who feel they should be boys.

Meanwhile, a  significant number of students are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing facilities where they would have to change or shower with peers of the opposite sex, which the Obama administration wants them to do.

Supporters of the legislation protecting same sex restrooms believe those students have a right to the same type of traditional privacy that their parents enjoyed in school.

Thee legislation, Assembly Bill 469, was the topic of a heated discussion in a hearing last week before the Assembly Committee on Education.

The bill, as described by, “recognizes the sex of each student per what the child’s stated anatomy is at birth, on a birth certificate,” and requires separate changing rooms in schools for the two distinct genders.

The bill does allow parents of transgender students to petition their local school boards for separate and private facilities for their children.

“It’s clearly not an easy issue for public schools to deal with,” Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action told “But to not address it means violating the privacy rights of…

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