From Ready Nutrition:

Learning a foreign language (or several foreign languages) will give you and your family a distinct advantage when the SHTF.  A foreign language is akin to medicine in many regards.  You keep the medicine with you or nearby in case you need it.  The same thing applies to the ability to speak a foreign language. Your location can determine which language to learn

First let’s ask the question, “Where do you live?”  I’ll give you a good example.  Here in Montana, being next to the Canadian border the ability to speak French has its advantages.  This is in relation both when traveling to Canada or when Canadians visit here.  Yes, it is English that we speak here; however, knowing that it is still an advantage when you use your intelligence to form contacts and interact with others.

That being said, perhaps you may live in upstate New York, or one of the Great Lakes states, and have business interests in Canada or contacts among the Canadians.  French can be a very valuable tool for you.  Not to mention the fact that you will also be able to interact with many Europeans from a conversational perspective who speak French and not English.

Then there are Americans who live on the border with Mexico.  Spanish is encountered constantly in states such as Texas, New Mexico, and California.  Spanish is the key to interaction in many instances in daily life.  If you’ll notice I mentioned all of this in the context of normal, everyday relations.  But what if everything “goes South” and the SHTF?

You may wish to know some Spanish not only to gain a heads up on what is happening with the influx of the drug cartels and illegal aliens, but what if the Cubans and Nicaraguans (both Communist) participate in an invasion of the United States?  Arming yourself with Spanish can be a great help, from a military perspective and from a perspective of defending and surviving such an invasion.  The same with French.

Other languages to consider: Russian, Chinese, and German.  NATO forces use the latter language highly, and the former two are of countries that it is very possible will participate in an invasion of the United States when it hits the fan.  Now be advised, fluency is a goal, but you can arm yourself with conversational phrases and everyday speech and work your way up.

Berlitz used to put out a ton of different language guides…some of these books with multiple languages in one volume…to help with everyday speech.  It can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations.  If there is a medical emergency, or if you must convince someone pointing a weapon at you that you’re not a terrorist…there is always a situation that you may come to rely upon a language.  The best thing you can acquire is some sort of tutor, such as a private instructor or a course in a community college.  Augment this with self-study.

There are tapes/dvd’s, and…

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