From EAG News:

The woman who coined the term “white privilege” and is credited as the founder of the modern movement of the same name, has acknowledged that privilege in our society comes in many different forms, depending on the many variables and circumstances that impact individual lives.

It’s much more than just a racial thing.

In an article published by, writer Susan J. Calloway Knowles calls the “white privilege” movement “one of the most creative schemes (progressives) ever dreamed up and pulled out of their bag of tricks in an effort to divide the races.”

She also notes that Peggy McIntosh, a feminist who is credited with coining the phrase “white privilege” and the concept behind it, did not necessarily believe that white people are devils, simply because they are white.

While McIntosh clearly believes there are inherent, unearned and unfair advantages to being white in America – an idea no reasonable person could completely debunk, – she also places “white privilege” on a long list of privileges that some humans enjoy, and others are denied, for lots of different reasons.

“What I believe is that everybody has a combination of unearned advantage and unearned disadvantage in life,” McIntosh said in a 2014 interview, according to Calloway. “Whiteness is just one of the many variables that one can look at, starting with, for example, one’s place in the birth order, or your body type, or your athletic abilities, or your relationship to written and spoken words, or your parents’ places of origin,…

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