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We’re going to approach this issue by answering the following question submitted by a visitor to the blog. Most of the people I work with in my practice come to me with a similar type of scenario. The diagnoses may be different, but the complex web that becomes a tangled ball of yarn is very common and the most challenging aspect of their healing journey.

“Hello I’m a 27 year old male. I have Lyme and coinfections affecting cns causing extreme neuro excitation glutamate and adrenaline.  Add to that sibo and unknown gut infections and zero peristalsis of the gut.  Also neurological reactions to foods, but I don’t think it’s actually sensitivities. Everything I do backfires in one way or another.  Done hcl, ox bile, phenibut, pc, various anti microbials, prodovite, minerals, etc. Want to treat Lyme without killing myself but no way to calm cns. Been consulting with extremely knowledgeable practitioner, but only getting worse. Where would you begin in a case like this?” ~ Keith

Hi Keith,

I am sorry for the struggles you are going through. Unfortunately, this is a very common catch 22 that many people get caught in when dealing with these complex types of conditions and there is not an easy or quick solution. Most of the backfiring is usually due to excess sympathetic nervous system activity that may have been present prior to the condition, but got worse over time; or has developed from the presence of the conditions themselves, but then it perpetuates the conditions and prevents one from taking the steps that are necessary to improve. When this occurs, then the best course of action is to get back to the basics and proceed forward very slowly.

Always Start with Diet

The first place one should always start, regardless of the condition or the circumstance, is with their diet. Many improvements can be made with diet alone, and if the proper diet is not in place, one is not likely to see long-term or significant changes with any other treatment strategy that is used. It is absolutely critical…

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