From Torrent Freak:

In the copyright monopoly debate, there’s significant confusion about how a market economy works, and what constitutes a right to remuneration of any kind.

There is exactly one action that entitles somebody to money, and that is an agreement that money should be paid in exchange for a good or service, otherwise known as a “sale”. There are exactly zero other things that entitle somebody to payment.

When somebody views a movie through a window? Nobody is entitled to money.

When somebody listens to a street performer? Nobody is entitled to money.

When somebody plays a video game at a friend’s? Nobody is entitled to money.

When somebody copies said video game from their friend? Nobody is entitled to money.

When somebody walks into a store and agrees to exchange money for a good? Then, and only then, is somebody entitled to money. Only then.

There are absolutely zero excuses for “wanting” money but not “getting” it. If you’re not able or willing to find a counterparty with whom to perform an exchange on mutually agreed terms, you’re entitled to exactly nothing. Just like everybody else. Specifically including people who create art and want to be paid for creating art, or for that matter, anybody doing anything they like. Nobody owns the fuzzy, wishy-washy and generally handwavy “fruits of their labor”. They own exactly what they can exchange in a mutually negotiated transaction with a voluntary and willing counterparty. Nothing less, nothing more.

This is called a market economy, and…

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