From Torrent Freak:

One only has to look at Google’s Transparency Report to see how many apparently unauthorized music services exist on the web today. They’re a thorn in the sides of rightsholders and the DMCA notices sent out because of them run into the tens of millions.

Most are relatively thoughtless affairs that pull in music from anywhere it’s available, much of it from Russia – unlicensed and very much illegal. While free to access, the majority of unofficial sites don’t spend much time over user experience. The same cannot be said of a new service just launched out of Spain.

When one first accesses the site has an immediately familiar feel and it’s clear from the start that Spotify is its inspiration. One also gets the feeling that this service is going to cause disruption so think of this piece as less of a review and more of heads-up of things to come.

Wefre requires users to open an account but that’s as simple as providing a username and email address which at the time of writing isn’t checked as being valid. Nevertheless, the value of signing up becomes clear when testing Wefre out.

The first thing that becomes evident is the similarity between Wefre’s web-based interface and Spotify’s desktop software. Eschewing the black theme for an off-white affair, Wefre’s layout is extremely clear. For users of Spotify (who of course won’t need the service) it feels like home from home.

Wefre provides convenient links for popular albums,…

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