From Global Research:

The predatory motives behind NATO’s genocidal covert war on Syria are getting ever more transparent.

“The Assad regime, frankly, is the root of all evil here.” [U.S. Department of State’s Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner, daily press briefing, 6 August 2015]

Aleppo [to become] the 82nd [province of Turkey]

A “buffer zone” will be set up in the north of Syria. This area, which includes Aleppo, will be fully controlled by Turkey.

[Once] U.S. and Turkey sealed the “Incirlik [Airbase] Agreement”, the political and military balances began shifting rapidly. […]

U.S. newspapers reported that “the new map [of Syria] will be drawn during Erdogan’s meeting with Obama”. […]

As for the British media, they published more detailed analyses [and] put forward the claim that “the buffer zone [in Syria] will be granted to Turkey”.

Takvim produced a map of that area [in northern Syria] which is preparing to become our 82nd province.

[editorial note: According to the map in Takvim’s front page, the prospective “buffer zone” contains not only Aleppo but also Idlib and the north of Latakia.]

A Predator [drone] hit the ISIL [DAESH] targets in Syria’s [Raqqa province] after taking off from Incirlik [NATO Airbase in
southern Turkey]. It was operated by a a drone pilot located 11,100 kilometres away at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Defence Minister Vecdi Gonul, Interior Minister Sebahattin Ozturk, Minister of Finance
Mehmet Simsek, outgoing Chief of Staff Necdet Ozel, Land Forces Commander (and incoming Chief of Staff) Hulusi Akar

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