From EAG News:

DETROIT – Detroit Public Schools officials contend a school police officer who shoved, kicked, dragged and pepper sprayed a 15-year-old female student “followed proper procedures” for handling unruly students.

Cass Technical High School sophomore Destiny Heard was late to class in December and attempted to ride the school’s elevator without a valid elevator pass, and a teacher forced her to take the stairs to her sixth-floor classroom instead, reports.

Heard did not immediately go to the stairwell and allegedly lingered by the elevator, so the teacher involved called a school security officer to ensure she didn’t attempt to ride without a proper pass. Heard allegedly refused to provide identification to the officer and took the stairs to the second floor, where she was met with another officer and Orlando Bogins, the dean of students, Heard told the news site.

After a verbal argument with Bogins, the teen put in her headphones to ignore Bogins and was left with the officer, Charles Braziel. Braziel demanded that the girl hand over her phone, and when she refused, a physical scuffle ensued, ABC 7 reports.

“She told me he said, ‘I am going to take that phone from you.’ She said, ‘Why? I haven’t done anything.’ He reached for her phone and she pulled her phone away and he couldn’t get it,” Heard’s mother, Venus Heard, told the news site.

Surveillance video of the incident released this week as part of a criminal case stemming from the incident shows Braziel then grabbed…

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