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NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Drunken parents allegedly started a brawl in the stands of a recent high school championship football game at Rutgers University, and police are investigating the incident.

One woman posted to the Brick Patch Facebook page that her daughter was decked in the face by a drunken man at Saturday’s championship football game between Brick Memorial and Jackson Memorial high schools.

“She does have swelling and a nice bruise under her right eye where she was hit,” the girl’s mother posted. “It’s just sad that adults can’t control themselves.”

A different commenter, “BMHS Student,” posted about the ordeal, which occurred with about 5 minutes left in Brick Memorial’s 42-14 loss.

“I was there, a parent started a fire the coach chant and throw (sic) a megaphone into the student sections,” BHHS Student posted. “The students refused to do it and then the parent went into the section and started shoving kids and hit one with the megaphone. That started it all.”

Parents starting fights with students at the brick memorial vs Jackson memorial states game. Disgusting. These parents were supporting the same team too.

Posted by Ryan January on Saturday, December 5, 2015

Others confirmed the witness’ recollection of events, stating the parent was a woman and the student was male. More adults reportedly went into the student section when things got rowdy, but police and school officials are still working to determine what, exactly, occurred, according to the Brick Patch.

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