From EAG News:

TOOELE, Utah – Parents are sounding off over a biology test question at a Utah high school that asked students to react to a doctor’s recommendation to abort an unborn child believed to have Down’s syndrome.

An Electronic High School student was taking a computer based biology final at a proxy testing site at Stansbury High School earlier this week when he came across Question 13 about abortion, took a picture with his cell phone, and forwarded the image to the education blog Utahns Against Common Core.

The question read:

John and his sister Brittany are high school students in a small town. Their mother Jill is 40 years old and has just learned that she is pregnant with a child. Genetic testing has indicated that the child has Down’s syndrome. Their family doctor has recommended that Jill have an abortion. John and Brittany’s mother and father have called the family together to discuss their options. Which of the following statements describes how the family should make this decision?

Options provided included:

+ The parents should wait until the baby is ready to be born, then re-do the genetic tests to see if the results have changed.

+ The parents should consider many aspect of this decision including, religious beliefs, financial burden, the effect on other family members, the mother’s health, the doctor’s recommendation and the life of the unborn child and then make the best decision for everyone.

+ The doctor has more scientific knowledge. The parents should follow…

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