Just when some thought that Kim Dotcom might be running out of ammunition, the Megaupload founder has dropped another huge bombshell.

A recording of a discussion between the German and several Universal Music executives that took place in 2012 – just two days before the infamous raids – reveals a somewhat excited record label preparing to do business with Dotcom, in part at Google’s expense.

The 32 minute recording starts off mid conversation, with the one exec prompting Kim to talk a little bit more about Megakey, his system to monetize free music by replacing the ads that users normally see with ones supplied by Mega.


As previously detailed, Kim explained that when Megakey users surf the Internet they see Mega ads instead of ads provided by other companies such as Google. In exchange, users are given credit to access free content. By Dotcom’s estimates it would be possible for Megakey to pay the labels 33 cents per track while enabling users to obtain 75 songs per year for free.

Soon the execs were asking questions, such as how Megakey could properly target users with appropriate ads. Kim explained that initially they would receive the ads at the bottom end of the market but once users began to experience high quality music provided by UMG, that would attract a better quality of ads worth up to twice as much.

Dotcom also offered to profile users to better understand them, with part of the Megakey deal being that users reveal…

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