The so-called documentary, Under the Gun, has drawn fire from all over the gun community, thanks to the deceptive editing regarding an exchange with gun-rights advocates from the Virginia Citizens Defense League.  Katie Couric has received most of the attention as the public face of the film, but the director, Stephanie Soechtig, deserves criticism as well.

In an interview with Ondi Timoner of, Soechtig makes a series of statements that expose her ignorance about guns in America—when she’s not admitting to criminal acts of her own or her employees.

First, we’re told that everything in the film was news to Soechtig.  This sadly is a characteristic of many who call for gun control, but as we’ve all heard at one point or another, ignorance is no excuse when it comes to the law, and if you’re going to make a film about guns, it’s best not to commit crimes in the process.  Soechtig blithely tells Timoner that she sent her producer from Colorado to Arizona to buy guns.  The producer met with private sellers to purchase a Bushmaster rifle and three handguns, which Soechtig claims was legal.  Timoner is shocked about this—as well she should be, but more about that in a moment—and compares it to being a pastor, saying that doesn’t need a license, either.

If you plan to preach on the street or at a peaceable assembly, you’re protected by the First Amendment.  But if you intend to officiate at weddings or perform other functions that involve…

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