From Reuters:

A deal to fund the U.S. government met resistance on Wednesday from conservative Republicans concerned about spending, as well as House of Representatives Democrats who complained about corporate tax breaks and a planned end to a ban on U.S. oil exports.

But House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was confident of a bipartisan compromise and that there is “no reason to believe we’re going to have a shutdown” of the federal government, which would hurt the U.S. economy.

The deal, reached late on Tuesday after weeks of wrangling, includes a $1.15 trillion U.S. government spending bill and a companion $650 billion package of tax breaks.

The Republican-controlled House will vote on extending the tax breaks for corporations and individuals on Thursday and the “omnibus” spending bill which would fund the U.S. government through September 2016, on Friday, lawmakers said.

Meantime, the House and Senate passed and sent to President Barack Obama a temporary funding bill to keep the government running through next Tuesday, by which time leaders hope the massive funding measure will have been approved. Without the stopgap measure, money for federal programs and offices would have run out at midnight Wednesday.

Some Republican fiscal hawks balked at the massive funding bill, raising questions about the overall level of support for it in the House, although conservatives were not talking about shutting down the government. It was unclear whether opponents had the votes to stop the measure.

The government last shut down in 2013 for more than two weeks due to a fight in Congress…

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