From Reuters:

Congressional negotiators scrambled to bridge energy policy differences and strike a deal for a $1.15 trillion spending bill on Tuesday as Democrats sought to extend clean energy incentives and Republicans demanded an end to a 40-year ban on crude oil exports.

Republican leaders said an agreement being negotiated by leaders of both parties would be unveiled on Tuesday night.

House of Representatives Republicans have scheduled a 9 p.m. EST strategy session.

But Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid cautioned that disagreement continued over energy provisions, including a Democratic proposal for new commitments for research into rising ocean levels, as well as some matters unrelated to energy.

“We’re close to a deal but we’re not there yet,” Reid told reporters. “We’ve made it very clear the last few days that crude oil export ban can only be lifted if we make costly investments in energy (to) reduce our carbon emissions.”

Earlier, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Congress will need to pass another short-term government funding extension to avoid a federal agency shutdown at midnight on Wednesday, when existing funds expire. This would allow for votes in both the House and Senate on Thursday.

A House Democrat said it was likely that Democrats would win the five-year tax credit for solar and wind power projects they want in exchange for allowing U.S. crude oil exports. But Democrats expected to lose their quest to resume federal medical research into gun violence after a ban of nearly 20 years.

Ryan said both sides had given ground on their initial…

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