From EAG News:

PRESIDIO, Texas – A Texas high school English teacher and her administrator husband face criminal charges for harboring at least five illegal immigrants for personal gain.

Senia Armendariz, an English teacher and volleyball coach at Presidio High School, was charged with harboring illegal immigrants for personal gain after authorities nabbed an illegal immigrant crossing the border on the way to their home, Big Country Homepage reports.

Also charged is Jose Armendariz, Senia’s husband and the athletic director at the school. Police allege Jose Armendariz recruited the immigrants and provided them with fake documents showing they lived with parents in a Presidio apartment to enroll them in the school district, according to Everything Lubbock.

Jose Armendariz is disabled and uses a wheel chair, and the immigrants allegedly agreed to care for him in exchange for his help. The illegal immigrant students also ran errands, cooked and did other odd jobs for the couple.

Law enforcement officials identified Brayan Ortiz as the illegal immigrant who revealed the arrangement, Big Country reports.

Presidio High School senior Mireya Leyva was shocked to find out her English teacher and volleyball coach was allegedly involved with the criminal activity.

“They were like talking about coach, coach and I’m like, which coach and everything,” she told Big Country. “She’s nice. I love her so much. I barely noticed.

“I was like what the what?” Leyva said. “I don’t have the words.”

Junior Cielo Montoya was also surprised.

“We never thought a teacher would bring illegals, because it’s…

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