From Torrent Freak:

As the former operators of Megaupload are only too aware, hosting user-uploaded content can be a perilous activity, even when the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is followed to the letter. Sun Social Media (SSM), a US-based company behind several video platforms, have also had a taste of the risks.

In addition to dating sites, SSM owns four so-called tube sites –,,, and Adult video company Hydentra HLP (also known as MetArt Network), the operator of more than a dozen porn sites, sued SSM claiming that more than 70 of its videos appeared on SSM’s sites without permission.

According to court papers, SSM sites host more than 475,000 adult videos uploaded by their users. Each must agree only to upload videos to which they have the rights. Once uploaded, an independent outside contractor checks every video to ensure they don’t contain criminally illegal content or spam. If they do they are blocked.

In addition to SSM and its four videos sites, Hydentra named two other defendants in the case, SSM director Konstantin Bolotin and Constantin Luchian of IncorporateNow Inc, a company that among other things acts as SSM’s registered DMCA agent. Documents show that SSM accepts copyright claims in various formats, from email and fax, their ‘contact us’ page, through to the unlikely option of posting claims through the mail. Claims are processed within 48 hours.

Importantly, SSM also has a repeat infringer policy operating on a “three strikes in six months and you’re out” basis. To…

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