From Blacklistednews:

The $160 million bill includes $120 million for the body scanners now in place in hundreds of airports nationwide, according to newly disclosed figures obtained by POLITICO. The rest of the money went to the agency’s “naked” X-ray scanners, which it pulled from airports two years ago amid worries about health risks and the devices’ detailed images of travelers’ bodies.

A recent security audit found that TSA had failed to find fake explosives and weapons in 96 percent of covert tests. And members of Congress familiar with the classified details say the body scanners are to blame for much of the problem.

Johnson said that while bomb detection is obviously a complex undertaking, “these things weren’t even catching metal.”

– From the post: Big Brother Idiocy – TSA Spent $160 Million on Naked Body Scanners that Fail 96% of the Time

Long time Liberty Blitzkrieg readers will be well aware of the fact that I’ve never gone through one of the TSA’s ridiculous and completely pointless naked body scanners. Whatever shred of human dignity an American citizen has left is relinquished the moment one consents to raising his or her arms in the air like a prisoner, while a machine that never met a terrorist it could catch scans an image of your body in yet another superfluous display of imperial slave-training.

Have you ever stopped to think about how ridiculous your fellow travelers look when they go through one of these things. Take a look at the following images and think about them for a second.


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