Credit: Carnegie Mellon University Electrical and Computer Engineering

Society puts a lot of trust in its electronic devices. Whether following a GPS to the beach or paying a bill online, consumers rely on their electronics for everyday tasks.

A new survey conducted by the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University asked 2,000 U.S. consumers to rank the 10 that users trust most with their personal information:

Top 10 ranking of devices users trust most

1.     Home phone
2.     Home security system
3.     Fitness device
4.     Car electronics
5.     GPS device
6.     Smart watch
7.     Cell phone
8.     Desktop computer
9.     Laptop computer
10.   Tablet

Items in the home are at the top of the ranking. When it comes to concerns about their being at risk through hacking, the survey showed that users are most concerned about their laptop computer (54.3%), desktop computer (49.3%) and smart phone (48.2%) becoming victim of malicious activity.

However, there are differences among men and women. Men are more likely to trust their (53.8%), GPS devices (53.7%) and smartphones (53.5%), while women are more likely to trust their systems (50.5%), cell phones (50.1%) and smart watches (49.8%). The data also shows that users ages 18-24 are more prone to put their trust in a smartphone, compared to older users. On average, users trust their personal devices just as much as their work devices.

Of all plug-ins available (devices that were not part of the initial electronic device purchase), users trust the following items…

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