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In the cartoon, Clinton is standing at a podium holding a sign reading, “#@!* the police” and “I ain’t no ways tired of pandering to African-Americans.”

Burns apologized for the tweet Monday night in a video. “Obviously many people were offended by my tweet and it was not at all my intention … I really am a shepherd to God’s people and the last thing I would want to do is offend people.” The tweet, he continued, was intended to shed light on how the Democratic Party has “been pandering and using black people just for their votes.”

The cartoon, according to a watermark on the image, comes from the website Burns tweeted it with a caption poking fun at Clinton: “Black Americans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES and letting me use you again … See you again in 4 years.”

Burns had defended the tweet in a fiery interview on MSNBC earlier Monday afternoon, saying, “I am standing by that picture” and adding that Democrats should “beg” for African-American votes. “The tweet is a frustration that I have as a black man here in America and how I see African-Americans in many cases … are suffering throughout this country. And to see how, en masse, we have been voting for the Democratic Party, en masse, and yet we have very little to show for it.”

He added he felt that Clinton was in a “tap dance” with the black vote every four years and that she then “disappear[s] for four more years.”

He acknowledged that blackface is offensive to black people, but added, “What’s more offensive is not so much that there’s just blackface, but that millions of African-Americans are on welfare, thousands of African-Americans” — and that there is a large disparity in net worth between black and white families.

Burns …

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