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June 3, 2016   |   Claire Bernish

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(ANTIMEDIA) United States — In an election already fraught with controversy akin to a political soap opera, a report on Friday revealed top Democrats have begun plotting ways to force Sen. Bernie Sanders to exit the race without offending his loyal fandom to somehow align Democratic voters behind Hillary Clinton.

Sanders’ fans — and a number of analysts — might beg to differ on his chances at actually winning the White House, considering both Clinton and Trump continue to poll at record-breaking rates of disapproval — and more voters say they’ll vote for either only because they dislike the other more. In fact, this plot stretches the bounds of sensibility — in several polls, Clinton runs nearly neck and neck with Trump, while Sanders trounces the billionaire.

Predictions run the gamut for who will ultimately take this election, but rumors persist that Clinton had somehow been ‘pre-selected’ for the role — and as tin-foil as that may appear at cursory glance, the theory isn’t devoid of evidence.

Hillary almost magically wins primaries where the vote had appeared too close to call. Voters mysteriously find themselves ousted from rolls or have their party switched in an astonishing number of states. A “Hillary for Nevada” logo emblazoned the sign-in sheet for at least one location in the state’s caucus, and Hillary supporters were allowed to participate without registering first — in flagrant violation of electoral law. And those examples comprise just a fraction of the mountain of evidence.

Democratic establishment leaders have adamantly pushed for a Clinton nomination through the entire election cycle, despite a now-thunderous call for the former secretary of state to be prosecuted for a plethora of questionable — and probably criminal — activities.

Nevermind Clinton’s noticeable lack of support on social media platforms — the exact places both Sanders and Trump cultivate with stunning success — the establishment believes attaching popular Sen. Elizabeth Warren as running mate might be the ticket.

“She can take away [Bernie’s] power by showing there’s no division within the party,” said an unnamed source who supports the addition of Warren, as cited by CNN.

But there is division — indeed a deepening, widening chasm — and the exhaustive push to install Clinton inarguably drives that exact disjuncture. Sanders’ followers aren’t likely to be fooled by the superficial application of a Warren Band-Aid to the patchwork of reasons they would never stomach voting Clinton.

“One thing I’m slightly worried about is the tone and tenor of the convention,” said Clinton-backing Sen. Chris Murphy. “We’re going to need a very positive and unified convention. [Sanders is] going to have to send a very clear signal to his delegates that he wants them to be vocal and loud in support of Hillary in our convention.”

Such optimism doesn’t have much company, as some have predicted division in the party will erupt in violence at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Nevertheless, as the Party prepares to go forward with its campaign against Sanders — and as rumors circulate Hillary could face prosecution any time now — perhaps those anonymous top Dems would be better served finding the gall to align behind a nontraditional candidate than risk fracturing the Party beyond repair.

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