From Blacklisted News Staff:

More and more people find online ads to be annoying, invasive, dangerous, insulting, distracting, and have decided to install an ad blocker. In fact, the number of people using ad blockers is skyrocketing.

The editors of Blacklisted News have always used a very limited approach to advertising on the site. We don’t use popups, interstitials, or ads that interrupt the reader in the middle of the articles. We have turned down lots of potential revenue to insure the experience on BLN isn’t annoying beyond reason.

As the revenues of through advertisements have declined substantially in the last year due to the high usage of adblocker software.

We have been looking at alternative ways that readers can get the best of both worlds. We are testing a new model to allow readers to use their preferred adblocker on the website and to support the effort and work we put into the site.

For $1.99 monthly you can read BLN ad free, support this site, and many others. You can also continue currently to read the site with your adblocker enabled, though there is a popup that you will have to close to continue to the site.

We are interested to see how our readers will respond. We have already had several people sign up to support us and are enjoying the ad free version of the website so we think that is encouraging.




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