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Passion: how do you find yours so that you can improve not only your life but those that you love and your community? To help address this topic, I interviewed James Redfield, whose life is a tremendous illustration of discerning what your passion is and experiencing magnificent growth as a result of it.

You may recognize him as the author of the wildly popular book, “The Celestine Prophecy,” and the series of books that followed. Initially self-published in 1995, that book went on to become a worldwide bestseller for two years straight, which is quite an achievement.

A traditional publisher eventually picked it up, and it stayed on The New York Times Best Sellers list for another 53 weeks. During those years, “The Celestine Prophecy” fueled a groundswell of “spiritual awakening” across the globe.

The Birth of ‘The Celestine Prophecy’

Initially trained as a therapist, Redfield eventually discovered that his true passion was teaching others how to find theirs. In this interview, he shares many of the details of his personal journey that catalyzed the information shared in his books.

“The breakthrough to writing began when I was in graduate school,” he says. “I thought I’d be making a contribution to psychotherapy and administration, so my interest was psychology at that point …

While I was there, I began to realize … there is a spiritual dimension to all healing when it comes to the mind. This was the message of the Human Potential Movement at that time. We’re talking about the late ’70s and ’80s.

After working about 10 years in the field, I realized that the structure of psychotherapeutic breakthrough as it had to do with spirituality was not very clear.

I really wanted to make a contribution to that, so I started to write a quasi-academic book about psychology and spirituality. I got about halfway through it and realized that, yeah, this was boring me.

So to really capture the experience of authentic spirituality, it was important to create a story, a parable of sorts, in which the reader could watch characters grow and have breakthroughs and talk about their spiritual experiences within a point in real time and real community.

That’s when I started working on the first book, ‘The Celestine Prophecy.’”

Global Awakening

In the book, the protagonist sets off on a search for an ancient Peruvian manuscript, long suppressed by the government, said to contain nine insights that mankind is prophesied to grasp upon entering a new era of spiritual awareness and understanding.

The series of insights start with the experience of synchronicity, and the realization that there’s more to these events than mere coincidence, for these synchronistic events actually lead us toward our true, and greater, destiny.

Synchronicities are meaningful in ways coincidences are not, and lead you toward greater fulfillment and, ultimately, allow you to live your true passion.

The book became a worldwide sensation. And, based on the feedback Redfield received, he came

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