Yesterday evening, President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office on the subject of the San Bernardino shooting and terrorism in general.  Much of the speech was about steps he is taking with law enforcement, intelligence, and our global allies to hunt down terrorists of the Islamic State, but as anticipated, he also repeated measures he wants to see done on what he called “gun safety.”

Once more, Obama called for a ban on what he labeled “assault weapons.”  How many times must we say that the Assault Weapons Ban passed during the Clinton Administration did not save lives?  That’s not just the opinion of someone pushing for fewer gun laws.  It’s the judgement of ProPublica.  And since so-called assault weapons are rarely used in crimes, I have to state again my suspicion that attempts at banning them are only for the purpose of creating a precedent for banning other classes of firearms.

As we’ve been told by politicians and advocates supporting gun control, Obama tonight said that people on the no-fly watch list should be denied the ability to purchase guns.  He even asked who could argue against such a demand.

Well, I am someone who can do that.  It’s unclear if he means the no-fly list or the broader terrorist watch list, but in either case, I have to ask if secret lists with no obvious method for appeal or even due process is in keeping with the values that Obama swore to uphold.  Denying gun rights…

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