From Ready Nutrition:

ReadyNutrition Readers, I wish to thank you for your comments, feedback, and insight you shared with me and the rest of us in my first year of writing with Tess Pennington and  One thing you can be sure of: on behalf of Miss Tess and all of us, I reaffirm what I wrote recently, and that is you can depend on us – as a source of information exchange, new instruction, a forum for discussion, and a window into what we all need to keep preparing and stocking up.

And I am committed to you, Guys and Gals, to continue to help Miss Tess and this wonderful blog to do my part with timely information and instruction with your interests always in my mind and heart.  We all instruct one another; all learn from one another.  I have gleaned much personally from my dialogues and interactions with all of you.  I thank you for a wonderful first year of writing for you, and I am honored with the responses and contacts you have gifted me with.  You’re the heart and soul of what it means to be dedicated, self-sufficient, and resourceful with your interest and feedback.  JJ is a “very happy camper” to serve such a wonderful readership and

Now that the “old” year is coming to an end, we will need to take the lessons learned from this past year and (remember: refresh on study continually!) and keep them close to mind and heart.  Such is necessary as a base and foundation for things we cover next year.  This year, in a short and summarized review, we covered such things as Bug-out/Go bags and ways to stock and employ them.  We covered a tremendous amount on Biological Warfare (a three-part series back in the late Spring/Early summer).  We went into a few pieces of equipment, reviewed some books, and gave some instruction on things such as the most likely waterborne diseasesrainwater catchment, water purification, setting up a home hospital/recovery room in event of pandemic.

We studied many different diseases and ailments and the naturopathic holistic support to aid a person in their healing, as well as covering preventative measures.  We did a series on Wilderness Survival techniques and Wilderness First-Aid.  In short, many articles covering a gamut of subjects with references and information based on training and practical experience.  I reiterate, all of the subjects I have written articles to you, I have had formal training and experience with.

I ask you to save your articles in hard-copy for your reference in the times to come: for continuous review, and also as a backup in case we ever face a long-term or indefinite power outage, stemming from man-made or natural sources. If you can’t print them off all at once, do a little at a time.  I’m certain most of you do save to hard copy, and this makes me smile: you have info that you can use, in your hands.  Read them all frequently and continually,…

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