From Global Research:

Most Americans are too uninformed, out-of-touch and indifferent to real threats they face, not phony headlined ones happening with increased frequency.

The LA Times reported it this way, headlining “Unprecedented school closures leave LA inconvenienced, annoyed but undaunted,” saying:

An alleged bomb threat “turned out to be false, fear and confusion inevitably followed.” Parents had their “workday routines thrown into turmoil…Some teachers made long commutes” for nothing.

Schools reopened Wednesday. City officials said the threat was “not credible.” Why it was issued in the first place matters most.

It has all the earmarks of false flag pretense – selling fear, part of a national strategy to enlist public support for escalated imperial wars, along with harsher crackdowns on fast disappearing fundamental freedoms.

The only terrorist threat Americans need fear is state-sponsored. Post-9/11, no other ones occurred on US soil. Official claims otherwise were Big Lies .

Innocent Muslim victims were falsely charged, prosecuted and imprisoned for alleged offenses they never committed or planned.

Unverified email threats were sent to public school officials on both coasts, arriving Monday night, claiming jihadists intended attacks with guns, bombs and nerve gas. Los Angeles alone shut down.

LA schools chancellor Ramon Cortiones told reporters at a 7:00AM Tuesday news conference he wasn’t “going to take a chance with the life of a student.”

New York school authorities dismissed the threat as a hoax. One major US city dominating Tuesday headlines was enough, likely ratcheting up public fear more than already, people wondering nationwide…

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