From NextGov:

Since a peak funding level of $80.1 billion in 2010, the 17 agencies within the intelligence community have been forced to operate with declining dollars, down to some $66 billion in fiscal 2015.

According to a new report from market researcher Deltek, the IC’s overall budget may be on the uptick, but its spending on information technology won’t be.

That means the IC will have to meet growing threats on land and in cyberspace – particularly from China and Russia, the report notes – without the added benefit of extra tech spending.

Because the IC does not publish a public line-item budget for its IT expenditures, much of the data in Deltek’s report are based on estimates from entities like the Federal Procurement Database.

Using this data and other sources, Deltek estimated there was about $9.8 billion in “total addressable” intelligence tech spending in fiscal 2015. The report suggests IT spending will essentially stagnate through 2020, with estimated IT spending at $9.5 billion by then — a 0.4 percent decrease from today’s levels.

“While overall spending for IT spending is expected to remain flat over the forecast period, demands related to cybersecurity, cloud, big data analytics and infrastructure modernization will encourage growth opportunities,” wrote Deltek’s principal research analyst Kyra Fussell in a blog post announcing the research.

Doing more with less is a mantra echoed by National Intelligence Director James Clapper since it became apparent that even the IC feels the tightening of overall budget squeezes.

The IC’s flagship IT initiative,…

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