From Reuters:

A Texas teenager, scorned for his “affluenza” defense in a deadly car crash, and his mother won a delay in extradition from Mexico on Wednesday where they fled as U.S. authorities investigated whether he had violated a probation deal that kept him out of prison.

Ethan Couch, 18, and his mother, 48-year-old Tonya Couch, were captured in the Mexican Pacific Coast city of Puerto Vallarta on Monday and had been due to be flown back to Houston accompanied by U.S. Marshals.

Ricardo Vera, a Mexican migration official in Jalisco state, said the pair had filed an injunction to delay their extradition and they would not be leaving on Wednesday. He said a judge in Mexico would have up to 72 hours to consider the injunction, and they could still be deported within two weeks depending on developments.

In Texas, Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson said he was not surprised by the delay.

“They (the Couches) have done everything that they can so far to avoid being accountable, or avoid being brought to justice. Any roadblock they can put in the way, any hurdle, I fully expect that,” Anderson said in an interview.

“Most likely it (the injunction) will result in a little delay, which is not as good as we hoped … We are patient, we will be here when they get here,” he said.

During Ethan Couch’s trial in juvenile court over a 2013 drunk driving crash that killed four people, a psychologist testified on his behalf that he was afflicted with “affluenza,” and…

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