From EAG News:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Disgraced former Broward County teachers union President Pat Santeramo’s legal problems continue to mount.

The 67-year-old former union boss has been out on bond since July 2012 for state charges of racketeering conspiracy, grand theft, money laundering and fraud. Investigators allege he misappropriated about $300,000 from the union and received kickbacks from contractors during his 10-years at the helm, the Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.

In an ironic twist, Santeramo was indicted Friday on two new federal charges for mail fraud for allegedly swindling more than $35,000 from Broward County Public Schools’ “accountability program,” according to the Associated Press.

The accountability program money – sent to the union by the school board between 2006 and June 2001 – was supposed to go toward teacher training, guest speakers, and to pay for comp time for teachers to work on projects. But prosecutors allege it was doled out in monthly payments to Santeramo and at least one other employee that wasn’t identified, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

“At all times, the BTU books and records for the Accountability Fund were open and available to the School Board. The program achievements were regularly reported to the School Board, the funding mechanism was reviewed by the BTU auditors and leadership, and the program itself served as a model for the state of Florida,” a statement issued by Santeramo stated, according to Local 10.

“We’re going to fight the charges,” one of Santeramo’s attorneys, Larry Davis, told the news site. “We don’t think…

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