From EAG News:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – School choice is a hot topic in 2016. Whether headlines point to students excelling in public charter schools or in innovative blended learning programs, students and teachers are taking advantage of the options and flexibility provided by school choice policies across the country.

The fact is every educational setting is a choice. District public schools, public charter schools, independent and parochial schools, and virtual schools – these are all choices in action.

As we adapt to a dramatically changing profession in the years ahead, teachers across the country are embracing these new teaching environments, with thousands of teachers educating millions of children throughout the United States.

This growing school choice movement has meant positive advancement for American education and educators. Truly professional teachers should be given credit for their role in supporting and advancing innovation.

In sharing their talents in these emerging education environments, teachers are helping to create a brighter future for students who need personalized options.

While the protectors of the status quo would have you believe that school choice is controversial, this growing movement is a sign of progress in 2016.  Americans demand choices in everything from entertainment to groceries and everything in between. Why should education be any different?

As educators, we know a one-size-fits-all system does little to address the unique needs of our students. Students learn different, just as teachers have their own strengths and preferences. In adapting to system of choice, professional educators are realizing that these advances are not…

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