From EAG News:

REEDSBURG, Wis. – Two teachers face vandalism charges after police allege they removed the valve stems from a Reedsburg Area High School principal’s truck during the school’s graduation ceremony Friday.

Police responded to the high school after the graduation Friday, where principal Rob Taylor told police someone removed the valve stems from his truck tires, leaving him with two flats, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Police reviewed school security footage and later identified two culprits, Webb Middle School 7th grade teacher Tracy Chambas, 44, and 50-year-old former Reedsburg High School teacher James Reynolds, who now teaches English in the Weston School District, according to the Reedsburg Times-Press.

“The two were cooperative with the investigation and took responsibility for their actions,” Reedsburg Police Chief Timothy Becker told the State Journal Wednesday. “They characterized it as a prank.”

WKOW reports both teachers were cited for disorderly conduct.

Reedsburg school officials refused to comment about the situation, but Michael Crneckiy, director of pupil services at the Weston School District, told the Times-Press the district is aware of Reynolds’ troubles.

He would not discuss how the teacher’s plight might impact his employment.

“We certainly don’t condone behavior like that,” Crneckiy said.

Becker told the news site the teachers’ conduct is disappointing, as they’re expected to be role models for students.

“We work so hard to teach our children to make good decisions,” he said.

Parents and other commentators online sounded off about the adolescent antics.

“They should be old enough to know what a…

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