From EAG News:

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Fulton County teacher Jennifer Lynch learned a valuable lesson about social media recently: what you post can cost you your job.

That seemingly obvious reality apparently didn’t occur to Lynch as she waited for a disabled student to make up several exams on the last day before winter break and fired off several harsh Facebook posts badmouthing the child, 11 Alive reports.

Officials with Fulton County Schools – “Where students come first” – called Lynch to the human resources department upon her return from break this week to confront her about the posts, resulting in her resignation.

Lynch, who teaches Latin at Johns Creek High School, posted to her 400 Facebook friends Dec. 18 that one of her students “gets an extra hour for each final, and complains he decided to finish all six on Friday afternoon” before winter break, according to the news site.

“Ugh. Thank a lot, kid, for finally coming to finish your effin’ final more than THREE HOURS after school let out and almost TWO HOURS after the principal said teachers could leave,” Lynch posted.

Lynch continued:

“ … To make matters worse, he’s giving regular updates on how many questions he has left. And I’m over here like: (meme with words ‘Look at all the (expletive) I don’t give! They’re falling from the sky’)”

“Holy (expletive). He’s finally gone. I get to go home now. Only 5.5 hours after school let out and 4 hours after we were told we could…

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