From EAG News:

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The superintendent who presided over a rash of student violence in the St. Paul school district over the past few years has been fired.

But she will not leave empty-handed. The St. Paul school board voted to give Valeria Silva $787,500 as part of her separation agreement.

That dollar amount will include pension payments “through Oct. 1, 2019, which will enable her to earn a full pension in retirement,” the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

Silva, who had been superintendent since 2009, was known for enacting a new student disciplinary policy designed to cut down on the number of suspensions and expulsions, particularly for minority students.

That policy was widely believed to be influenced by the radical Pacific Educational Group, a San Francisco-based consulting firm that promotes the notion that American schools are plagued by “white privilege,” to the detriment of students of color.

But the focus on keeping troublesome kids in school, often through the use of “time outs” and other soft discipline, was blamed by many for an outbreak of student violence in various schools in the district, including many assaults on teachers.

A growing percentage of St. Paul students have been leaving the district for suburban schools or charter schools, due to the ongoing violence, costing the district a great deal of money, according to the Pioneer Press.

The ongoing disciplinary problems led to the election of four new school board members last November who were critical of Silva. The newly-elected board took office…

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