From The Tenth Amendment Center:

Today, I continued to do some DIY upgrades to the new TAC studio. This round focused mostly on deadening the sound a bit in the control room – my office, basically – so I could get decent-quality sound for some live video broadcasts.

My friend – and long-time TAC sound tech – John Michaels acquired some theater curtains a few months back, and they’re now being used around the space to help reduce reverb and room noise. I also added a small “cloud” of acoustic foam on the ceiling, plus 2 more panels and and a corner panel along the back wall. You can see more in the pictures below

It’s not perfect, but it’s significantly better than what sounded like an echo chamber. There are a few more places that I’ll probably cover over time, plus an area rug under where I’ll be recording.

Next, I’ll be setting up the hardware needed to stream:

Sony A6300 camera
Magnus VT-200 Tripod
Dracast LED160 Light
Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle
Shure MX184 Lavalier

Side note: John was featured in a recent, mostly-unrelated article at VICE. If you read it, you’ll see – as he put it – how he “nullified… by digging without permission.”

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