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MERIDIAN, Idaho – Heritage Middle School student Dane Wissenbach schooled one of his teachers this week in front of the entire school, and it’s a lesson the educator will never forget.

During a staff versus students basketball game caught posted to Instagram this week, Wissenbach took the ball down court in the packed gymnasium, where the eighth-grader was met by math teacher Bryce Gillespie at half court.

Gillespie appeared to be playing tight defense, but Wissenbach was unconcerned and stunned the teacher with four quick crossovers that left Gillespie on the ground just outside of the three-point line. The teen’s moves literally crossed his teacher up so badly Gillespie reportedly dislocated his knee and required two colleagues to escort him off the floor, CBS Sports reports.

“The crowd didn’t do Mr. Gillespie any favors, either, getting lit as h-e-double-hockey-sticks,” according to USA Today. “One student even got in the teacher’s grill and mocked him as he limped off the court. Ouch.”

Wissenbach posted a video of the incident to his Instagram account with the caption “told him not to reach.”

Others also posted videos to the social media site with commentary.

“dane ended mr. gillespies career today,” user hibs_5 wrote. “Lucky I got it on video.”

If it wasn’t bad enough for Gillespie, the videos have since gone viral, with Wissenbach’s clip garnering 56,000 views and more than 400 comments in just a couple of days, and hibs_5’s reaching 16,000 viewers.

“Aye yo,” superduperdustin wrote in…

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