From TechDirt:

Well, this has really turned into quite a week for T-Mobile CEO John Legere, huh? First, his lies about BingeOn throttling were exposed. Then he doubled down on the lie insisting that BingeOn wasn’t throttling despite clear evidence that it is. Then, he attacked EFF for exposing his lie. All the meanwhile, T-Mobile spokespeople were confirming that the company is, absolutely, slowing down all video traffic.

And it appears the fallout from this keeps spreading. Legere keeps touting the number of partner video companies that have signed up for BingeOn, but it appears that number needs to go down by one. The folks behind have announced on Twitter that they’re pulling out of the program directly in response to Legere’s comments about EFF:

If you can’t read that, it says:

Dear T-Mobile,

In light of recent events and comments made by your CEO, John Legere, we have decided to halt our participation in Binge On and disable our traffic shaping rules for the time being. As per the agreement, please consider this 24 hours notice that 4Stream.TV will no longer participate in the program.

As net neutrality supporters and EFF Members, we encourage you to be more honest and transparent about the issue and develop a program that we can be proud to participate in.

Kudos to Patrick Hampson and Aaron Zufall for making that decision.

Of course… the unfortunate truth, as we now know from all of this, is that even once they’ve decided not to participate in the program it doesn’t change the fact that their videos will get throttled.

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