From The Anti-Media:

John Vibes
August 17, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) The customizable “Straight Outta Compton” meme has been making its rounds on the internet. It was even picked up by the White House staff, which used it to promote the nuclear restrictions recently placed on Iran.

The @TheIranDeal Twitter account, operated by the Obama Administration, customized one of the memes to read “Straight Outta Uranium.”

An anonymous White House employee reportedly made the following statement to Buzzfeed after the website accused the Obama Administration of “ruining the meme”:

“We have been clear that we would be employing creative strategies, including digital outreach, to draw attention from as broad an audience as possible (particularly a younger audience) to the Iran deal. To the extent this tweet reaches audiences that our more traditional tweets have not, it will have accomplished the intended objective, especially if it spurs them to learn more about the deal.”

Most of the hype surrounding Iran’s nuclear development has been manufactured by Western media, even in the absence of proof that it is a military program.

Even if Iran were developing weapons with this technology, the U.S. (which also happens to be the only country to ever use nukes offensively), U.K. and Israel certainly don’t have room to complain. If the United States and its allies have nuclear weapons, then there is no reason that they should be preventing other countries from obtaining them.

That being said, nuclear weapons are still a totally insane technology that the human species needs to move away from.…

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