By Charlie Brown and Sylvia Dove
Consumers for Dental Choice

Amalgam dental fillings are 50 percent mercury and have been causing a wide range of problems for the past 150 years. Amalgam:

Damages your teeth. Amalgam requires the removal of more healthy tooth tissue, weakens tooth structure, and can crack teeth as it expands and contracts – leading to higher dental bills later. Exposes you to mercury. Dental amalgam releases mercury, a neurotoxin. Children, the unborn, people with kidney disorders, the hypersensitive, and dental personnel are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of mercury. Pollutes the environment. Dental amalgam constitutes the largest amount of mercury in use in the United States today, and most of this mercury ends up polluting our air, soil, and water. Mercury pollution indisputably can cause health problems, especially for children and the unborn.

Fortunately, all of these problems can be avoided. Mercury-free fillings, especially composite fillings, are widespread. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t want you to know about them…

Consumers for Dental Choice Battles FDA Head-On

According to the FDA, the problem with amalgam fillings is not the mercury. The real “problem,” said FDA Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs back in 2011 “is that there will be no end to [Charlie] Brown” of Consumers for Dental Choice.

FDA’s solution? Do “a communications end game re: Brown.” But the FDA’s attempt to silence Charlie and Consumers for Dental Choice failed. 

Charlie continued to exercise his First Amendment right to challenge FDA’s callous failure to protect the public from mercury. And that FDA Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs? He was out of FDA within the year.

In September, Consumer’s for Dental Choice will launch an ambitious plan to tackle the FDA, and they need your help to do so. I will be matching every donation dollar for dollar. The goal is to raise $100,000.

Donations are tax-exempt and can be made online, or by mailing your check to: Consumers for Dental Choice, 316 F Street, N.E., Suite 210, Washington, DC, 20002  

The Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry

The sole mission of Consumers for Dental Choice is to end the use of mercury fillings. Back when this non-profit advocacy organization was founded in 1996, dentists had their licenses threatened – or even taken away – because they were speaking out for mercury-free dentistry. 

But Consumers for Dental Choice’s executive director, attorney Charlie Brown, argued that their speech was protected by the First Amendment right to free speech, and the courts agreed. 

Then Consumers for Dental Choice launched a grassroots strategy to obtain laws requiring dentists to distribute amalgam fact sheets to patients, and succeeded in passing fact sheet laws in Maine, Connecticut, California, New Hampshire, and the city of Philadelphia.

Building on this success at the state-level, Consumers for Dental Choice turned to the national colossus: the FDA. For more than three decades, the FDA refused to issue a rule on dental amalgam, even though it…

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