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Michel Chossudovsky’s most recent research on the alleged ISIS terror in Paris, as well as the Radisson Hotel terror in Bamako, Mali, is discussed.

Analysis of current state sponsored terror in general, within a larger global geopolitical and economic framework, is addressed.

Topics include

The fundamental contradiction in the official narrative of the War on Terror versus the Islamic State or ISIS;

Islamic State a creation of U.S. intelligence;

The geopolitical agenda; the militarization of Africa; the Berlin Conference in the late 19th century;

Foreknowledge of the Paris terror;

French military escalation against Syria planned before the attacks;

Replication of the 9/11 discourse as a pretext to justify a new wave of bombing against Syria;

Attack by a foreign power justifies a state of war;

The Doctrine of Collective Security, Article 5 of NATO;

The Muslim community subjected to a witch hunt; the criminalization of the state and the financial system;

The end of the French Republic.

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Aired: November 25, 2015


This is Guns and Butter.

“But the thing is that to enforce an imperial agenda, you scrap the republic. Now, Julius Caesar understood that perfectly well. I can’t remember the exact quote but he said you don’t build an empire with a republic. I think that in effect that is what’s happening is that the republic is being scrapped. It’s not only being scrapped in France; it’s being scrapped in America.”—Michel Chossudovsky

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