From EAG News:

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The violent and dangerous climate in the St. Paul school district has convinced the teachers union that a strike may be necessary to force the school board to address the situation.

The threatened strike is the direct result of an incident last Friday at St. Paul’s Central High School, where a teacher was hospitalized with a concussion and brain injury after he tried to break up a fight between several students and was attacked by them.

That was just the latest in a recurring pattern of violent incidents involving students – particularly black students – in the district.

In a statement released yesterday, St. Paul Federation of Teachers President Denise Rodriguez said, “Tonight, our union has filed a petition for state mediation. This step is required by state law to trigger our teachers’ right to strike. Teachers don’t want to walk away from their classrooms or their students but if our school climates are not safe and equitable environments for learning, that is a step our members may need to take. We can wait no longer.”

Many believe the student-related violence in the district is the direct result of policies that discourage out-of-school suspensions, or other forms of meaningful punishment, particularly for black students.

Many believe the “hands off ” policy toward students is the result of the district’s contractual relationship with the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a California non-profit that believes the American educational system is based on the white cultural norms, and is designed…

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