From AllGov:

A Missouri legislator wants gun buyers to be subjected to the same restrictions as those seeking abortions.

Democratic State Representative Stacey Newman introduced House Bill 1397 (pdf), which would require anyone buying a gun to complete a checklist of requirements, just like women have to do under state law before aborting a pregnancy.

Her proposal would mandate gun purchasers talk to a doctor about the risks of gun ownership at least 72 hours before trying to buy a firearm. They also would have to watch a 30-minute video on fatal gun injuries.

Additionally, the bill states gun buyers would have to:

–Learn about alternatives to buying a gun, including materials “about peaceful and nonviolent conflict resolutions.”

–Verify in writing that they toured an emergency trauma center on a weekend between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., “when gun violence victims are present.”

–Meet within 72 hours of purchasing a firearm “at least two families who have been victims of violence involving a firearm and two local faith leaders who have officiated, within the past year, a funeral of a victim of violence involving a firearm who was under the age of eighteen.”

Newman’s plan is based on Missouri law that requires women who want an abortion to wait 72 hours, consult with two physicians, sign an informed consent form, be asked to view an active ultrasound and listen to the fetal heartbeat, if audible.

“If we truly insist that Missouri cares about ‘all life,’ then we must take…

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