Stephanie Spika served as the NRA’s manager of social media before leaving for shotgun maker Benelli USA.

Stephanie Spika wants to become a board member for the National Rifle Association and as a 29-year-old female she matches the demographics the gun lobby wants to see more of within its ranks.

Of the 76 members who make up the NRA board, 10 are women and no one is under the age of 40, she said. But she sees the lack of accurate representation as an issue of experience rather than a lack of trying by the organization.

“Whether it’s NRA or overall in politics, certainly younger people are less likely to take the plunge because they don’t have as much experience as someone whose obviously been around for decades,” she said, adding that although limited, her experience offers insight that’s currently absent from the board.

Like most other board members, in addition to being a passionate advocate and sportsman, Spika works in the gun industry. She manages online media for Benelli USA. But before that she worked for the NRA for five years.

She started at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, the lobbying arm of the organization, before joining the media relations team where she served as a spokeswoman and managed the gun lobby’s social media. And in addition to her daily tasks, she said she served as the secretary for the board’s public affairs committee.

“I wasn’t able to participate in the committee meetings I was merely just…

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