From EAG News:

SEATTLE – In October, administrators of Seattle Public Schools announced that 25 teachers across the district were being transferred – a month into the school year – because district enrollment projections had fallen woefully short.

Parents reacted with outrage. One father was moved to make an unplanned $77,000 donation to Seattle’s Alki Elementary to help that school save teachers from transfer, according to the Seattle Times. And that father did not even have children at that particular school.

It was the second year in a row that many students suddenly had their teachers snatched away, just when they were getting accustomed to learning from them.

Last fall, the staff at Gateway Elementary staged a last-minute fundraising campaign that brought in $66,000 – enough to maintain a teacher who was about to be transferred by the district, according to a report from

District officials argued that they lacked the funds to leave the teachers in the classrooms where they were already teaching, and hire a few more to fill holes in schools with shortages.

But as Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat recently noted, the district increased its central staff budget by 16 percent this year, and the superintendent’s office budget by 16.4 percent.

So perhaps there was some money available after all, but it was spent in the wrong places.

“Every year there’s some management blunder that’s so dumbfounding that we parents, admittedly, start to go a little crazy,” Westneat wrote in a recent column.

Those parents might really get mad if…

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