From EAG News:

CONNELSVILLE, Pa. – A Pennsylvania junior high school is moving a Ten Commandments stone monolith from its campus after a $64,000 court battle resulted in a judge ruling the display unconstitutional.

“It doesn’t matter what the cost was, it was a fight that needed to be fought,” David Show, organizer with the group Thou Shall Not Move, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “That’s something that should not be a problem in our schools.”

Show and others rallied to keep the 3,000-pound Ten Commandments stone monolith at Connellsville Junior High after Connellsville Area School District officials initially covered it with plywood in response to a complaint from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation in the 2012-13 school year, according to the news site.

Amid public backlash, school officials reversed their original plans to move the 4 ½ foot monument to another location, and FFRF sued to get its way. The monolith and numerous others like it were donated to schools by the Fraternal Order of the Eagles in the late 1950s in response to the movie “The Ten Commandments.”

The Connellsville monument has stood in front of the school since 1957 — nearly 60 years — and FFRF filed the complaint on behalf of a student who was apparently offended by its presence but no longer attends the school.

A judge in August ruled the monument is unconstitutional, but did not order the district to remove it because the complaining student no longer attends the school. District directors later voted to give…

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