From EAG News:

GLENDALE, Wis. – Perhaps it’s time for K-12 education officials across Wisconsin to ask themselves if the “white privilege” message that’s been seeping into classrooms is doing more harm than good.

Is it bringing students of different races closer together? Is it creating more understanding, tolerance and unity?

Or is it breeding anger and animosity between children of different racial backgrounds?

A clue could be taken from an incident that occurred Wednesday at Nicolet High School in Glendale, Wisconsin, where a student brought a Confederate flag to school, unfurled it in an English class, and announced it was “White Privilege Day.”

“Police were called to the school, and the student was suspended,” WISN reported. “Nicolet High School Principal Gregory Kabara sent an email to parents, letting them know what happened.”

According to the news station, counselors were on hand to help students who were “upset” by the incident.

Kabara was quoted as saying that the student’s abrupt protest violated school policy.

One might wonder how officials might have reacted if a student had staged a more politically-correct demonstration in support of “white privilege” theories. Would local police have been summoned?

Two far more relevant questions come to mind – how did this teenager, who is presumably white, even know about the “white privilege” movement? And why did he feel the need to sarcastically (and inappropriately) demonstrate the resentment he feels toward it?

The answers are pretty easy. His teachers, and thousands of others throughout Wisconsin, have been bombarded with constant…

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