From EAG News:

ROZANO, Italy – The headmaster of an Italian primary school who decided to cancel Christmas to appease Muslim students in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks has resigned under intense criticism.

Garofani School headmaster Marco Parma, 63, prompted protests and media outcry after his announced plans to cancel the school’s traditional Christmas concert for primary students in favor of a rebranded, non-religious “winter concert” set for January, the Guardian reports.

Parma also reportedly also denied to requests from parents to teach children Christmas carols during their lunch breaks.

“In a multi-ethnic environment, it causes problems,” Parma said.

“Last year we had a Christmas concert and some parents insisted on having carols. The Muslim children didn’t sing, they just stood there, absolutely rigid,” he said. “It is not nice watching a child not singing, or worse, being called down from the stage by their parents.”

About 80 percent of the Garofani School’s 1,000 students are Christian, and the majority of the remainder are Muslim, according to the news site.

The decision sparked protests from parents last week, as well as condemnation from Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, The Washington Post reports.

“Christmas is much more important than a headmaster being provocative,” Renzi told an Italian news site, according to the Post. “If he thinks he is promoting integration and coexistence in this way, he appears to me to have made a very big mistake.”

The Italian bishop’s conference daily newspaper L’Avvenire called the decision “a mistaken choice…

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